My work uses Systems Psychodynamic approaches to Organisational thinking. This is an unusual and unique approach to consultancy- it draws on two distinct sets of theory, open systems theory which explains the stucture, processes, culture and roles within an enterprise in relation to its task; and psychodynamic/psychoanalytic theories which offer a unique understanding of the intra and inter-personal elements of life in an Organisation. Transactional analysis is also used in unpicking patterns and “scripts.” Examining these elements simultaneously often points up the  causes of the presenting problem.  The approach is also unusual in consultancy in that it develops solutions which are co-produced- the consultant role is more mirror than expert. I studied Systems Psychodynamics at The Tavistock Institute in London.

More recently I have been integrating this  thinking with Appreciative Inquiry, focussing on strengths and potential as well as current issues seen as problems.

I work as a coach with individuals and with teams, consulting on particular  issues or more generally helping teams, through reflective practice. I also  run  training courses on developmental supervision; enabling  team leaders to help members to improve their understanding of  what is  going on and why.

I  provide independent consulting services and learning and development, predominantly but not uniquely, for Health and Social Care Commissioners, and to Third Sector Human Service Provider Organisations. I have  also worked as an associate with other Consultancy  Organisations including  the National Development Team for Learning Disabiltity  Services,  Paradigm, and  Liverpool Psychotherapy Network.

Before starting the consultancy, I worked as an NHS Commissioning Manager. I  commissioned mental health services, learning disability services, offender health and specialist support services for people with complex needs. I also worked in  integrated commissioning roles with Social Care,  Probation, the Court Services, Police, employment and housing.

I worked previously for 10 years  in Social Housing for a  large Housing Association [RSL], and earlier,  in homelessness and supported housing third sector Provider  Organisations.




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