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This page provides information on training and development events which are open to all. If you would like any of these events to be delivered in a bespoke way for your Organisation, please contact me to discuss.  


Taste of Appreciative Inquiry Tuesday 18th Nov 2015 @ 9.30am
Facilitated by Suzanne Quinney & Tim Slack, Appreciating People
Venue: Unitarian Church Library, Ullett Road, Liverpool L17 2AA

Aim of the Workshop
This one-day workshop is an opportunity for an experiential introduction to Appreciative Inquiry (AI). The programme will include an introduction to the key elements and principles of AI, strength based working and how we integrate Positive Psychology into the approach. We will share some examples of its application, including Appreciative Coaching, and its use in working with teams.

Appreciative Inquiry is a strength based Organisational development approach that has a number of other applications. It is extremely interactive and the core of it is experiential learning. It uses the power of story, and it enhances conversations and engagement at all levels, and can be applied iin virtually any context. There will be an opportunity to discuss the approach and its relevance to your own work/practice. There will be a number of interactive sessions and small group sessions.

Please see for a range of information and case studies. We have recently produced a paper for Housing Care and Support Journal on Organisational development, appreciative inquiry and the development of Psychologically Informed Environments (PIEs) Part One: a positive psychology approach. The abstract can be viewed

There is a short video about working with homeless hostel residents in a positive and strength focused way, using Appreciative inquiry to build resilience in service users see

We have produced a range of specialised AI training materials and interested potential participants can buy a copy of our appreciative journal – Food for Thought for half price – £6 plus p &p. Contact You can download What is Appreciative Journaling from the resources page of our website

Who is it for?
This workshop is suitable for anyone who wishes to learn about AI or deepen their practice of it and consider how they can begin to apply it in their life and at work. Applications are welcome from members of organisations/groups in the private, statutory or third sector, and from individual practitioners.

About the Facilitators Suzanne and Tim are highly trained practitioners of AI and established Appreciating People in Liverpool in 2006. They are both experienced trainers and facilitators and welcome the opportunity to collaborate with Liverpool Psychotherapy Network – more details can be seen here

How much does it cost?
Self Funding and 3rd Sector £75. Statutory Organisations £95. The fee includes lunch.

How do I apply? Email N.B The closing date for applications is 31st October 2014 If you have any questions about the workshop please email





  Event 2


 Recent particpants said this course

  • led to better prepared and more productive supervision sessions.
  • That staff are more “present”
  • It’s more reciprocal than it was.
  • I am able to front up on difficult issues earlier now I understand what goes on in  the “drama triangle!”

Mike Hogan Consulting

 To understand the meaning and value of supervision as a developmental experience. It’s more than management or time keeping!
 To improve the way you shape and develop a supervisory relationship.
 To learn a method for shaping and maximising t he effectiveness of individual sessions.
 To assess and develop your skills & knowledge to take up the supervisor role.
 To develop and test your skills in a safe setting.
 To understand systems psychodynamic theory, social construction theory and action learning approaches: – their relevance to your work, the work of those you supervise and your Organisation’s ability to perform.
 To reflect on your role and your understanding of the primary task of your Organisation

Supervision in human services: a definition- a joint endeavour in which a worker, with the help of a supervisor, attends to their clients, to themselves, as part of a client-worker relationship, and the wider context or environment in which the work takes place.
The aims are to improve work, to improve client relationships, develop the worker’s practice and continuously develop themselves. It offers a 5 step framework to work with and develop to suit people’s own style and the context of their work;

 CONTENT & SOURCES of material brought to supervision . [or avoided]

 PROCESS- how to organise for the best use of time

 SKILLS & CAPACITY- what do I need to be good at to do this well

 A MODEL FOR REFLECTING IN ACTION- developing your consultancy skills

 APPROACHES TO WORKING THROUGH DIFFICULTY- how do we call a halt address deep seated issues and “stuck” people.
Theoretical Base-

• Systems psychodynamic theory of teams and organisations.
• Social construction of knowledge; the social construction of clients and professionals in human services.
• CLEAR framework [skills base and process model] for supervision in helping roles.
• Reflective practice capacity building
• Action learning theory & practice- its application in development al supervision & problem solving.
• Appreciative Inquiry

Skills focussed on in the course
 Self awareness
 Confidence in role
 Managing and containing anxiety
 Assessing and addressing worker competence
 Listening & empathy
 Clarifying & ‘Avoiding fixing’
 Giving & receiving feedback
 Shaping & Pacing individual sessions, and relationship building.


The course generally runs, with members from different Organisations in a group no larger than 12 people, as follows:-

• 1 full day opening session.
• 5 half day sessions in successive weeks.
• 1 half day review session 8 weeks after the main body of the course is completed.

COST:-     £300  per place



Session 7 review day on date to be confirmed 3 month s after 6th session.

It can also be run in one week [4.5 days] with a review session later OR tailored to you’re your needs.

contact me on if you want to find out more about the courses on offer


TO COME, IN 2017


1.    In association woth Liverpool Psychotherapy Network:-


Supervision in counselling, psychotherapy and the helping professions
A closer look at ethics

Facilitated by Robin Shohet,
Centre for Supervision & Team Development, London & Findhorn
Unitarian Church Library, Ullett Rd Liverpool 17

This one-day workshop is designed to provide you with the opportunity to reflect on your experience of supervision, both as a clinical and a management function.

“Recently I have been asked to talk about ethics and I have been wondering how much this focus on ethics, rules and health and safety is about trying to fix things, offer solutions, create certainty and perhaps increasingly watch your back.
I would like to travel into the unknown with you as much as we are able so invite you to bring an “ethical dilemma” you might have or might have had and we can learn together. I believe a group is an excellent place to do this as it gives an opportunity for all the different voices to be heard.” Robin Shohet.

Who is it for?
This workshop is suitable for anyone who works as a therapist and offers supervision to other practitioners, in their own workplace or as an external supervisor. It is also suitable for people who lead teams in health and social care organisations. It will be particularly helpful for Supervisors who work with teams helping socially excluded groups, and those who offer or want to offer developmental supervision in their practice.

How will the day run?
The event will be experiential and cover the topics outlined above.

About the Facilitator
Robin Shohet is co-author of the seminal text on Supervision – Supervision in the Helping Professions, now in its fourth edition. He has supervised for over thirty years and trains supervisors through the Centre for Supervision and Team Development ( He is also editor of Passionate Supervision, Supervision as Transformation and Clinical Supervision in the Medical Profession.
The event will be accredited by CSTD for your Continuing Professional Development Portfolio.

How much does it cost?
£75. Lunch & refreshments included.

How do I apply
Return attached form with remittance [see details on application form] . The closing date for applications is Friday 5th September.
If you have any questions about the workshop please email
Supervision in counselling, psychotherapy and the helping professions
Tuesday 23rd September

Work role and place of work
Describe any questions or issues you would like covered at the event
Address for correspondence

Preferred Phone Number(s)
Email address
Specific dietary/other requirements ( Please state)
Are you attending with other work colleagues? ( please state names)



Self Funding: Please enclose your remittance for £75 by cheque made payable to Mike Hogan Consulting.

Funding by Organisation: Please give an order number & the name and address to whom the invoice should be sent.
Please send your payment and completed application to Mike Hogan 19 Lancaster Avenue Liverpool L17 3AY
N.B. The Closing date for applications is 5th September. There will be an administrative charge of £30 for cancellations received before the closing date.
How did you hear about this workshop?
Leaflet / Poster Other advertisement Word of mouth LPN Website
Other (please specify) Data protection: your details will be added to our database to keep you updated with relevant training events. If you do not wish to receive this information please tick the box 





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