Annual Report 2012

In my 1st year I did 5 consultancy and development projects and 3 training projects.


  1. Board development & strategy review for a 3rd sector organisation working with socially excluded groups.
  2. Management team development for a 3rd sector supported housing organisation.
  3. Development Support to a  Community Care agency developing work in a new area.
  4. A complex case review on an Out of area placement  for a commisioner.
  5. Development support to a new agency in its set up phase.


  1.  I designed and delivered a new course for managers and team leaders. The focus of the course is on  developmental supervison. The course was developed to address the need to support front line staff  in a more organised assured way.

The course integrates  ideas from action learning theory, systems psychodynamics, counselling and psychotherapy supervision, and social construction theory.

The 1st cohort of members were from supported housing  services, the approach is now being developed for mental health social  worker supervisors and clinical team leaders in mental  health services.

2.     The other training;  a 6 session Continuing Professional Development programme, and the 1 day introduction seminar, run with Liverpool Psychotherapy Network, use Systems Psychodynamics theory, originating in the work of the Tavsitock Institute in London, to help people make sense of their work and membership of Organisations.



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